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From thermal performance, air and water leakage, to ease of

installation, seals designed for building products have to perform.


The construction sector depends heavily on the plastics industry as PVC products make a major contribution to the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of building materials, as well as contributing to a more positive environmental impact of construction projects. Apart from the obvious products, such as soffits, wall cladding, gutterin and insulation, plastic extrusions in construction are used in everything from the concrete foundations to the final interior finishing.

Xtrude International’ well-equipped factory has a wide range of extrusion equipment which allows the manufacture of a great variety of bespoke plastic extrusions for the building & construction sector. We work closely with our customers in the design and production of their PVC building profiles.

There are many advantages of plastics in the construction industry which should be taken into consideration during the design phase:

  1.  Durability and resistance to corrosion
  2.  Good insulation properties
  3.  Cost efficient to produce and install
  4.  Minimum maintenance
  5.  Lightweight & flexible
  6.  Hygienic
  7.  Easy to install
  8.  Long life span
  9.  Recyclable
  10.  Innovative design possibilities
  11.  Good fire safety characteristics